Spring – Easter Sets

The Easter Set

The Easter Basket Set is a giant basket 14 ft. tall filled with giant eggs.  You can customize this set by adding Chocolate Bunnies, different colors of Easter Grass, Butterflies. and of course different styles of Eggs.

Any piece in any set can be ordered separately

You can surround your set with colorful fencing.  Each section is decorated with flowers and eggs and latch together.

“Popscicle Stick” Basket


8’ diameter Collapsible “Popscicle Stick” Basket. Illustrated with 7 three foot speckled eggs.

Giant Woven Basket

Giant woven basket with giant handle is 6 foot diameter with a 4’- 6” basket height.

Stands 12’ – 14’ tall with handle. Illustrated with 12 twelve inch eggs, 2 eighteen inch eggs, 2 three foot eggs, and 2 24 inch eggs.

The Baby Bird Photo Opportunity

The Baby Bird Photo Opportunity is an adorable set taking place high on a tree limb. The children walk into the nest and wear a “cracked shell hat” to look like they just “hatched”.  This can be set up for a free or fee photo opportunity.

Butterfly Ride

We can customize your spring set with your theme and budget in mind.

Here are some of the ideas we have drawn up for customers.

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